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Educational games are a complex of several thematic elements that provide the child with an exciting and educational activity. In use, assembling interesting and attractive toys, united by a common style, develops a whole range of important abilities:

  • fine motor skills of the hands;
  • the ability to identify figures and characters;
  • sensory and visual memory;
  • understanding of the harmony and aesthetics of the world;
  • spatial and creative thinking.

Play sets with figures of animals and insects, cartoon and fairy-tale characters, underwater inhabitants - this is a huge scope for the development of a child's imagination. With the help of colorful figures, the kid can compose stories and fairy tales, come up with new original stories. Several elements allow the child to play with buddies or parents.

Geometric figures are necessary for a child for mental and tactile recognition and memorization of the most elementary forms of objects in the world around him: a ball, a cube, a cone. Realistic figures of animals and insects are a wonderful journey into the exciting world of wildlife. During the game, a caring mother or father can tell the child about the peculiarities of temper, character, lifestyle, habitat of fauna representatives. Figures in the form of trees, houses, cars, construction details will help the smallest to know the adult world, full of a variety of inhabitants, structures, technical devices.

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