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Despite the large assortment of goods presented in children's online stores, cute soft toys are still one of the most desired gifts for the vast majority of children.
The following criteria will allow you not to get lost in the variety of choices:
1. Choose a plush toy based on the age of the child. For very young children, it is recommended to purchase the simplest model without unnecessary functionality, for example, a classic bear or a bunny. Also here you will find: plush lions, hippos, sheep and many others, from mini and medium to large sizes, and a variety of colors. Any of these animals will become your child's favorite.And it will be more interesting for an older child to play with a soft toy made based on a popular cartoon or fairy tale, complete with sound effects.

2. Pay attention to the appearance of the plush gift. Children's soft toys should be beautiful, made of quality materials, and small accessories (buttons, eyes, accessories) should be securely fixed to the product. This will keep the baby safe when he wants to taste everything.

3. Possibility of full care for a new baby's pet. If plush toys can be cleaned or washed on their own, then this is a definite advantage. Most often, the manufacturer puts information about how to care for the product on the label. Simple home care allows you to keep her clean without worrying about the fact that the baby hugs her and sleeps with her.
If you follow these simple rules, you can choose the best gift that will delight your child for many years. Playing with a plush friend is not just a pleasant entertainment, but also the formation of useful skills, from tactile sensations to the development of fantasy and imagination.
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