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If you need to buy animal toys, as well as characters from fairy tales, you have come to the right place! In this section, we collect figurines and sets with wild, domestic animals, as well as fairy-tale characters.

Buying animal toys is a must!
Children love to play with these figurines. It develops and educates preschool children. Often such sets are used for classes in kindergarten, familiarization with wildlife.

Here are placed figures of domestic, wild animals, as well as inhabitants of the sea and insects. Dinosaurs are also featured. Animal toys are popular with children, they are used for playing and for teaching in kindergartens.

Particular attention is paid to animal figurines with respect for proportions and with a naturalized appearance. Teachers believe that children should have a correct understanding of the world around them from childhood. Also here are popular fairy tale characters - characters loved by children. We offer to buy animal toys in our store, the prices are low!

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